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LOVE IS A ROOM FULL OF CRAZY IDEAS    (2023-, analog photography)

The series Love is a Room Full of Crazy Ideas transports us into the romantic life and the intimacy of Audrey Lys Palacin, with a highly personal approach characteristic of the artist. The photographs presented are non-events from everyday life, in a confined hotel room or the apartment she shares with her loved one; or staged scenes that the two artists (her as a photographer, him as a musician) create together, to the sound of vinyls spinning on their record player. "Photography is also a very amorous practice," wrote Hervé Guibert in his book L'Image fantôme (1981).

While she chronicles life, her photographs also bear the presence of absence, of a moment forever lost. In this sense, the images are linked to the Resurrection, since our gaze on them brings the past back to life. Photographing their intimacy is then also a form of resistance against the disappearance and oblivion of the two lovers’ love.

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